Together, We Are Mighty

My Anti-Cancer Cupcake (Vegan, Gluten...

Ok, so it might not be anti-cancer, per se, but here is a delicious (and easy) chocolate cupcake recipe that won’t spike your blood sugar, so I’m putting it in the win column!  I have always believed that diet, while not a cure, can be a powerful tool in your anti-cancer toolkit.  This means (sob) […]

Getting Your Greens

Okay, it is the holidays and I know that that means.  It means maybe you went over to your mother’s house last night and maybe there were Christmas cookies, so maybe you had a magic cookie bar with its buttery goodness and potentially also a sugar cookie.  And maybe you figured, “What the hell, I’ve […]

We Are All In This Together

Welcome to my story –  the following posts under “My Story” are ones that I wrote during treatment, from start to finish.   They talk about chemo, surgery, radiation – the whole nine yards.   My nickname has been Tiny But Mighty Terri for many years before cancer and when I was diagnosed, it took on new […]

Tips for Chemo

Alright, you’ve been diagnosed with cancer and you are starting chemo soon.  Terrifying stuff, I know.  I prepared for my chemo like I was preparing for a really crummy marathon – I had about a month to get ready from diagnosis to first infusion.  This is what I learned: Build a Network: You probably have […]

The Reality of Medical Racism

For this post, I am going to need all of my black and Latino friends to practice their best “shocked” face.  Because it turns out, racism in the medical profession is still a real problem for people of color. And it is NOT OK.  From everyone to Henrietta Lacks to the men of Tuskogee to […]

Inflammation: Put Out That Fire!

I know I talk a lot about the “terrain” of the body – how diet, exercise, and lifestyle can impact your health on a cellular level. For me, these strategies aren’t about being skinny – these strategies are about creating an environment that is hostile to cancer.  A place where cancer feels unwelcome, if you […]